dōTERRA BalanceⓇ

 The Grounding Blend

Balance is one of my favorite oils and I use it a lot.  I'm talking nearly every day.  Here's how I think of what a grounding blend is when it comes to oil:  

Picture in your mind a large healthy tree that’s been sitting, well anchored, in the forest for decades or even hundreds of years.  Through storms, earthquakes, droughts, freezing rain, constant threats and changes in the environment, whatever, it remains firmly rooted, or grounded.

dōTERRA BalanceⓇ makes me think of stability and equilibrium. So then when might you reach for your BalanceⓇ rollerball?  When you're feeling unsettled, restless, angry, hurt, scattered, confused, troubled, exhausted, anxious, vulnerable, you name it.  Whenever the world just isn't treating you right or you're not feeling altogether okay, BalanceⓇ will ground you within minutes. 


Keep a rollerball on your desk, in your handbag, in your vehicle, in your kids' backpacks, the pocket of your bathrobe, your bedside table, pretty much anywhere. 


Major added bonus:  BalanceⓇ happens to smell amazing. It has a woodsy, earthy aroma so it's perfect for both men and women.  And screaming toddlers.  Not to mention teenagers, the elderly, anyone prone to mood swings, fits of rage, someone in the throes of a meltdown, someone who's hangry, pretty much the whole enchilada.  Everyone needs centering and grounding at times and dōTERRA BalanceⓇ is always an ideal choice. 


You can find our hand-filled roller right here in our store.


By Jan Leibhan