If you've been to court in recent years, or even if you just follow the news, you probably know the court system is bursting at the seams due to huge caseloads, long dockets, personnel shortages, budget cuts, overcrowding, understaffing, lack of funding and delays.  And that's just the short list of challenges facing our courts every day.  It's no secret that the overriding problem is the sheer volume of cases.  And they just keep pouring in.  

One way to increase efficiency is the use of technology.  Our courts are becoming more and more automated every day in an effort to not only speed things up but also to simplify and streamline things where possible.  Obviously, in order for all of this cutting-edge technology to work, someone needs to make sure that all of the different gears, so to speak, are coordinated and running smoothly and that's no small task.  

The office of the District Court Administrator for Wisconsin's Second Judicial District is located in the Racine County Courthouse and is the administrative arm of the Wisconsin Supreme Court for District 2 which includes Kenosha, Racine and Walworth Counties.  

We have 22 court branches with a total of 22 judges, 13 reserve judges, 26 court reporters and 49 court commissioners.  In addition to coordinating the schedules and coverage for all of those positions on any given day, which is oftentimes a moving target due to never-ending changes in workflow and traffic patterns, the DCA's office needs to make sure all of the bases are covered at all times.  There's jury trial coverage, payroll, endless phone calls, non-stop emails, texts, inquiries from the press on trial verdicts and logistics, distribution of judicial and administrative policy changes and updates, scheduling and rescheduling of staff to facilitate meeting appellate deadlines, assistance to judicial and support staff and direct administrative support to the District Court Administrator and the Chief Judge.  The DCA's office is a hectic place in general, but when last-minute issues arise, and they often do, even with the best of planning, things can fall apart like a house of cards in minutes.

When our District Administrative Assistant, April Windham, joined the Second District, she probably didn't plan on being an air traffic controller, but that, in a sense, is exactly what she does all day every day.  I was curious so I searched for statistics on job stress for air traffic controllers and, no surprise here, they're at number four out of the top five most stressful careers.  There was no listing for District Court Administrative Assistant but there definitely should be.  With a bachelor's degree in Management Information Technology and a master's degree in Management Information Systems and Systems Security from Colorado Technical University, April's well able to handle all of the technical issues that occur, but there are a lot more skills required that have nothing to do with one's educational background and everything to do with people skills.  Working with people can be stressful in general, but working with people who are themselves under a lot of stress takes things to a new level.  Let's just say sometimes April's nerves can get a bit frayed and frazzled.  

So then which dōTERRA oils are you likely to find in rollerballs on April’s desk, ready to be swiped on at any moment?   

Definitely Balance because a swipe or two applied several times throughout the day will help return your body and mind to a state of equilibrium, or status quo, making you feel stable, connected and grounded.  Vetiver and Lavender are also superstars at helping to calm us.  And Serenity, without a doubt, is very appropriately named.   Peace goes a long way toward making you feel more content and less conflicted.

Last but not least, when you really need to get the big guns out, swipe on some dōTERRA  Adaptiv.  It's a keeper and it's perfect for people of all ages and differing need levels.  

We appreciate all of the juggling April does for us every day to keep things running so smoothly.  But most of all, we adore April because she’s always ready to throw us a lifeline when we call or text her with whatever our crisis du jour happens to be ~ and trust me, there are plenty. Even so, as our trusted air traffic controller, she somehow manages to always keep all of our so-called planes in the air.  There are occasional emergency landings but never any crashes.  All told, April's is exactly the sort of job that dōTERRA's Peace blend was made for.  We're grateful to have someone with her level of competence and skill working alongside us every day.  Our work day is just that much better!

By Jan Leibhan