You know those jumbo decorated cookies you see in specialty bakeries that make you wonder who has the skill and patience to create such delicate and detailed things?  Especially knowing that people are going to eat them after all the work and time it took to make them???  One of my colleagues, Rose Coulthart, makes cookies like that all the time.  Rose is a court reporter here in the Second Judicial District for Judge Michael Piontek in Racine County Circuit Court, Branch 5.  She’s one of the most talented baking and cooking artists I’ve ever met because she doesn’t just bake artistic creations.  She cooks beautiful dishes too!  She bakes themed cookies for all sorts of special events or to give as gifts or just on request, and every single batch is worthy of a food magazine cover ~ a gourmet food magazine cover.

doterra essential oils kenosha racine wisconsin

A while back Rosie texted to ask which oil I thought would taste better baked into her famed cookies, doTERRA Lemon or Wild Orange?  Of course I said they’d both be equally amazing but why stop there? There’s Bergamot, Cinnamon, Ginger, Peppermint, Fennel, Lime, OnGuard, Clove, Lavender.  And that’s just the short list.  You can cook with, bake with and ingest any of doTERRA’s essential oils as long as you see the “Supplement Facts” label on the bottle.

doterra essential oils kenosha racine wisconsin

Rosie, by the way, baked cookies for one of our oil events last year and managed to get the logo just perfect, and right smack dab in the middle of each cookie, all of which were promptly devoured after the necessary photos were taken!  She’s the first person I called when my beautiful niece, Laura, got married and I wanted everything to be picture perfect for her bridal shower.  One of the cookie styles from Laura and Grady’s shower collection is pictured below.  It’s the one that says “I do” on the trunk of the Aspen tree, the frosting color coordinated with their wedding theme and colors, centered around the beautiful Colorado mountains where their wedding took place.

essential oils doterra

I’ve also attached a few other pics of some of Rosie’s recent creations.  It was no easy task deciding which ones to highlight here since there’s a huge collection to view in the “Photos” section of her Facebook account.  Specialty baking and cooking is an artistic expression and cookies just have a special way of saying you care. Thanks, Rosie!

♡ ♡ ♡

doterra essential oils kenosha racine wisconsin

By Jan Leibhan