There's a little voice somewhere inside most of us that tells us when it's time to let go of hard feelings and just move on.  Forgive, the Renewing Blend, is the ultimate oil blend to help us do just that.  Essential oils readily cross the blood-brain barrier and can actually help us tremendously during the most emotionally trying times of our lives.  They can literally help you feel as though an immense weight has been lifted.  Not lifted from your shoulders but lifted from your heart, the epicenter of your being.

You can keep the past in the past with the help of essential oils.  And it doesn't matter if you've been carrying feelings of anger and/or guilt around for days, weeks, years or even decades

The ability to forgive requires the release of anger, resentment and bitterness so that you can come to a place within yourself where not only do you no longer feel resentment towards the person or situation that caused you hurt and pain in the first place, but actually to perhaps even wish that person well which is the ultimate act of forgiving and letting go.  Forgiveness is a lightening of your heart and a lightening of your burden, not the other way around.  Forgiveness is ultimately about you because it's you that no longer feels the heaviness in your heart.  It's one less thing in your life to lug around.  Kind of like setting your extremely heavy luggage down on the baggage counter and being more than happy to pay whatever the fees are just to finally get rid of it.  This is what it feels like when you use Forgive.  When we use essential oils to release emotional pain or weight, the most crucial part of the healing process is the letting go. The relief.  

Here's how you can use this blend to get through stormy times:

You can diffuse Forgive and enjoy its woodsy aroma, or you can apply it directly to your skin via a rollerball that's been topped off with fractionated coconut oil.  I prefer about a 10% ratio of essential oil to fractionated coconut oil.  It's plenty effective at that ratio and you'll love the way you feel.  The negative emotions addressed with this blend:  Unforgiving, critical and resentment.  Forgive is an ideal choice if you're feeling overwhelmed by feelings of anger or guilt. 

One of my favorite books on the topic of emotions trapped deep within us is Feelings Buried Alive Never Die by Karol Truman.  She talks about the tremendous capacity we each have for hundreds and perhaps thousands of different emotions we feel and how we suffer in unlimited ways, physically, spiritually and emotionally, due to the burden we carry as a result.  Oil blends like Forgive go a long way in reaching the core of these unsettling emotions and help us to feel lighter and more at peace with ourselves and the world.  Essential oils help us by allowing our inner light to shine brighter.

For more detailed information on Forgive, visit the doTERRA Product Blog here.   Here's to your light and happy heart!

By Jan Leibhan