With countless rollerball bottles available to choose from for all of us essential oil enthusiasts, one would think it would be simple to find rollerball bottles that we could count on time after time after time after time.  You know, as in a dreamboat rollerball.  As in the kind where the oil never leaks into your handbag or pocket.  One where the roller assembly is easy to get into the bottle and seated properly on the first attempt.  How about no more struggling with it and no more cuts to the palm of your hand?  No more throwing away the glass bottles because they arrived, straight out of the box, with tiny chips in them.  No more throwing away the little plastic roller assemblies because they just either wouldn’t go into the glass bottle in the first place or, worse yet, while struggling to get the roller top in, you’ve managed to spill oil all over the counter.  Cuts in the palm of your hand are one thing, but spilling your oils is taking things to a whole new level.  These little amber bottles filled with pristine oils from around the globe represent bundles of joy to us.  They’re our mini elixir bottles.  Our stop-the-world-I-wanna-get-off bottles.  So we just need our rollerball bottles to cooperate with us.

Healiefs brand roller bottles to the rescue! Our team actually uses nothing but Healiefs.  If it’s got our label on it, you can rest assured it’s a Healiefs bottle. They never leak. Ever.  And the rollerball assembly fits perfectly.  Every single time.  

You can find Healiefs bottles on Amazon or on the Healiefs website. We all love our doTERRA oils and how they improve the quality of our lives every day. The world’s finest essential oils deserve the finest rollerballs. Healiefs brand is our exclusive favorite - hands down!

By Jan Leibhan