Dr. David K. Hill, D.C., shared these recommendations at the 2015 doTERRA Convention.  To create these recommendations, he balanced effective ranges of essential oils with known safety data.  It is important that essential oil users stay within the "Ideal Amount" ranges to derive the maximum benefit from using the essential oils. In fact, overwhelming the body with too much essential oil can sometimes lead to unwanted outcomes. This is because cells in the body utilize complex chemical reactions to metabolize the oils. It is never appropriate to exceed the metabolic capacity of the cells.

The "Ideal Amount" column states how much total essential oil a user should take at a time. This amount can be repeated every 4-6 hours, for amounts no greater than the 24-hour Maximum amount. Internal use refers to taking essential oils in a capsule or a softgel form. Oral use refers to essential oils taken in water or other liquid, or under the tongue. There is no recommendation made for aromatic use, as this greatly depends on the size of the room and other variable factors. As always, moderation is best.

These are general recommendations that don’t take into account the individual health and experience levels of the user. Certified 100% pure essential oils are very potent and each individual will react differently to them. It is important to be aware of one’s own unique health circumstances and adjust accordingly. A key point discussed from Dr. Hill's presentation is that we should be more moderate with our essential oil use when our health is in any way compromised.

These recommendations are meant as introductory guidelines, and individuals should take into account their own personal experience and the direction of their health care provider in pursuit of wellness through essential oil use.

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