Scientists have long known that plants communicate with each other using aromatic compounds. Fascinatingly, researchers in southern China found that the natural communication between rose plants also benefited surrounding plants.

To test this, they planted rose plants in a tobacco field, with a rose-less tobacco field as a control. They found that planting a rose plant close to a tobacco plant resulted in an important increase in tobacco plant molecular defense mechanisms.

In your own experience with diffusing essential oils, you may have noticed that not only are essential oils harmless to plants, in many cases they help the plants!

This is just another instance of the great power of essential oils positively influencing healthy molecular responses, whether they are in plants, pets, or humans.*

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Yu P, Su Y, Dong C, Yao C, Ding Y, Zhou X. Plant Growth Regul. 2014;75(3):689-694.

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