Essential Oils That Are Beneficial To Working With The Chakras


By Anthony Zappia

How do essential oils help with spiritual activity? Essential oils have the ability to raise our frequency.  They are able to reach the brain and nervous system through the olfactory system (when you inhale them).  Just touching a bottle of oil will bring you into contact with the ‘field’ of that essential oil. Also, if you are applying an oil topically, numerous essential oils have the ability to cross the blood-brain barrier, reaching into areas of the brain such as the amygdala (which deals with emotions), the hippocampus, where memories are stored, and the pineal gland (a part of the brain associated with spiritual development), carrying oxygen and nutrients. Essential oils such as Frankincense help to calm and still the mind, a clear necessity if one is to undertake forms of spiritual activity such as meditation.

Frankincense is probably one of the best known essential oils to be used for spiritual endeavours such as prayer and meditation (See my post Frankincense – Worth Its Weight In Gold ). Its resin has been burned in temples, synagogues and churches for several thousands of years. And it continues to be used around places of worship today. In indigenous cultures such as the Native Americans, we see the use of trees and plants such as spruce and cedarwood to assist in spiritual work. In South America, it’s Palo Santo (Essential Oils of Ecuador – Palo Santo), a close botanical relative of Frankincense.

The essential oils I refer to in this post are far from being an exhaustive list. Many of those included have a high frequency (over 80 Mhz) or have a history or tradition of being used for spiritual work, rituals or ceremonies, likewise with the table of oils for working with different chakras/energy centres. There are numerous essential oils that are beneficial to the glands and organs associated with the 7 chakras. Use this information as a starting point. In many cases, some of you will feel drawn to a particular oil. You may also wish to create powerful blends of your own (see my post on creating oil blends) combining many of the oils I have listed. Remember that with a blend, the whole is greater than the sum of the individual oils making up the blend.

These oils can be inhaled, diffused in the room or space you are praying or meditating in, or applied topically. Where indicated you can apply it to a specific chakra point.

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