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I'm just another all-too-busy parent, constantly on the go and forever on the look-out for the very best for my family.  As a full-time court reporter for the State of Wisconsin in the Second Judicial District, as you might imagine, there's never a dull moment.  With a bird's-eye view to the daily challenges and unrelenting stressors that we're all facing in our hectic lives, I can't help but wonder what it's all about.  What gifts are we leaving for our children?  And what about their children?  Yes, I'm altruistic at heart and I know without a doubt that we can find the answers ~ if we take the time to open our eyes and look around us.


Like so many women, I love jewelry and beautiful accessories.  There's just something about finding that one piece or item that makes you feel special.  Creating unique and pretty things has always been a favorite pastime, but never did I picture myself doing it for others.


Years ago when I initially discovered dōTERRA, what I remember most is wondering how it was that I'd never heard of this company with the funny sounding name, especially since I'd always had an interest in natural wellness.  Over the years as I became more involved with dōTERRA, I began attending oil-related events here in the Midwest and then, later on, the annual dōTERRA Global Conventions here in the U.S. which helped to open my eyes about what these oils meant to people around the globe and how this company was changing the world in ways no one had yet imagined.  The hope for what lies ahead is great and the need even greater.

The world is forever changing but one thing remains constant:  Everyone desires, and deserves, good health.  dōTERRA is a Latin-derived word meaning "Gift of the Earth" and it's been meant to be shared by all of us since the beginning of time.


The photos throughout the website and gallery are of my friends, family, neighbors and colleagues.  To say I'm appreciative of their love and support would be an understatement.  To have been blessed with their trust and given the opportunity to bring them joy and wellness through dōTERRA is priceless.  I look forward to returning that gift with jewelry and accessories that add a bit of sparkle to their everyday lives.

♥ Jannie